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upthebum icons

nothings better than free shit

Upthebum Icons -- a place for free graphics
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Welcome to upthebum_icons This community is open for giving away icons or graphics in general. This community is maintained by xbaroqueiconsx and all questions should be directed towards her. If you need help with joining a community or posting in it, please go here. This layout was made by spiralbound_lj and xbaroqueiconsx

Swirl Brushes In Layout: Velvet Sky

:: No Requests for the time being. Any requests made in this community will be deleted. Unless an icon maker makes a post offering to take requests, you may then comment with your request. If you are looking for a place to post a request try pop_icons or iconrequests

:: Credit the person for their work if they ask, it's the least you can do. Please do so in your keywords unless otherwise specified. If you want to totally kick ass, you could also link the community in your userinfo, to help get this place more popular!

:: You are free to plug your community if you post 3 or more icons. This means no icons tagged with "example" or "teaser".

:: Please respect these guidelines and the guidelines of the icon makers. They have taken the time to make the icons, the least you can do is follow the rules they have set.

:: If you have a specific question for the maintainer, just contact her using one of the many ways below.

kristalie_icons enamored_icons rockstr_icons eminent_ song2sing dream_designs __riotgirl goodbye_paris

Also, check out jimmy_icons which is run by livefrom8h.


let me know if you've linked this community and I'll return the favor.

Feel Free To Address Me As: Ashley, Ash, or Velveeta
E-mail: bassmelodie@gmail.com
MSN: silent_minstrel@msn.com
AIM: xbaroquefairyx
Yahoo: treblesome_bassist
ICQ: 232969945 (please only use this to contact me if ICQ is the only messenger you have)